Substance Use Disorder Services

  • EMERGENCY SERVICES PROGRAM (ESP) is a behavioral health emergency service. ESP can be contacted when an individual is having a crisis and needs help right away. [more]
    • The ESP helps individuals of all ages if they are having a behavioral health crisis (see Mobile Crisis Intervention for youth under the age of 21).
    • ESP staff will assess the crisis and help stabilize the individual.
    • The ESP is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.
    • The ESP covers all cities and towns in Massachusetts.
    • Some insurance restrictions may apply.

  • HOSPITAL-BASED ACUTE TREATMENT SERVICES (HBATS), also known as Level 4 Detoxification Services, is for adults who are at high risk of severe withdrawal symptoms. [more]
    • HBATS is provided 24 hours a day in a hospital to adults ages 18 and older.
    • The individuals may also have other medical complications.

  • ACUTE TREATMENT SERVICES (ATS), also known as detoxification or withdrawal management, is for adults over the age of 18 who have withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and/or other drugs. These individuals do not need to be in a hospital but need to be medically-monitored. [more]

  • CLINICAL STABILIZATION SERVICES (CSS) is an intensive substance use disorder treatment program for adults ages 18 and older. [more]
    • CSS is provided 24 hours per day.
    • CSS provides nursing support, case management, education, counseling, and aftercare.
    • Special programs are available for youth under the age of 21 (see Youth Stabilization Services).

  • YOUTH STABILIZATION SERVICES (YSS) is a medically-monitored substance use disorder service for adolescents and transitional age youth up to the age of 21. [more]
    • YSS is provided 24 hours per day.
    • YSS includes help with withdrawal and intensive substance use disorder treatment in the same setting.
    • Individuals also receive psychiatric consultations and nursing care.

  • TRANSITIONAL SUPPORT SERVICES (TSS) offers structure and support in a residential facility for adults ages 18 and older with substance use disorders. [more]
    • TSS is provided 24 hours per day.
    • TSS provides nursing support, intensive case management, education, and aftercare planning.

  • RESIDENTIAL REHABILITATION SERVICES (RRS) provides support and assistance to individuals with substance use disorders to get back into the community. [more]
    • RRS is a 24-hour structured, supportive program that happens in a home-like setting.
    • RRS provides ongoing case management, education, and counseling.
    • Programs are available for adults ages 18 and older, adolescents, transitional age youth and young adults, families, and pregnant and post-partum women.

  • MEDICATION-ASSISTED TREATMENT (MAT) supports recovery from substance use disorders. [more]
    • Treatment includes behavioral therapy and medications.
    • MAT may be provided in an Opioid Treatment Program (OTP), Office-Based Addiction Treatment Program (OBAT), primary care, or outpatient behavioral practice.

  • OPIOID TREATMENT PROGRAM (OTP) is also known as methadone clinics. [more]
    • Individuals with opioid use disorder have their medication given to them and monitored.
    • Medications used are methadone, buprenorphine, naltrexone, or other U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved medications.
    • Individuals can receive counseling, education, and vocational services as needed.
    • OTP is available on a short-term (withdrawal management) or long-term (maintenance) basis.

  • OFFICE-BASED ADDICTION PROGRAM (OBAT), including Office-Based Opioid Treatment Programs (OBOT), is a service that provides medications for addiction treatment. [more]
    • OBAT also provides counseling and recovery supports.
    • Services are provided in an outpatient setting. It’s most often provided in health centers or specialty substance use disorder clinics.

  • STRUCTURED OUTPATIENT ADDICTION PROGRAM (SOAP), also known as Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), is a short-term, intensive day and/or evening substance use disorder treatment service. It is for individuals who do not need 24-hour care. [more]
    • Individuals get help with withdrawal management. Services include case management, education, and counseling.
    • Individuals can stay in the community, work, or school. They can continue being part of their family life while getting treatment.
    • SOAP is available for adolescents and adults.

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